I am in many communities including soccer, band, and school. At soccer, we do different drills like passing, dribbling, and other foot skills. In band, we are going to Cleveland, Ohio for HUGE  performance, where our middle school band will perform. In school, we are about to get a huge Christmas break, from December 17 to January 12, and I am very excited for this break.

New School

I go to Greenville Junior High, which is 7th and 8th grade. Our technology is very old, and half the time takes 20 minutes to load a website. We are getting a new building from kindergarten to 8th grade because of this.We are getting almost a full month Christmas from December 17 – January 12😄. This gives teachers time to move in, and gives time for many kids to spend time with their family.



Sweet Dessert

29856723645_0255d59d7cPhoto Credit: <a href=””>benjaminsproject</a> Flickr via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=”″>cc</a>


Oh sweet dessert,

How could anyone not like you?

Your chocolate eye will be loved by me,

Oh sweet dessert,

How to Create an Effective Comment

There are three easy ways to create an effective Comment…

1.Make sure you start with a capital, end with punctuation, and spell everything correctly

2.Add factual information, your post shouldn’t just be “Cool” instead it should be something like “That’s a cool picture, where did you get it? And that leads to…

3. Add a question, asking one can lead to a conversation, and you could make a friend.

I hope you keep these in mind every time you post a comment.

Bio Poem


Competitive, imaginative, confident,  risk taker

Sibling of  Sarah

Lover of pizza, games, soccer, band, and the Bengals

Who feels futbol is awesome

Who needs food, soccer, and friends

Who fears losing, being wrong, and failing school

Who would like to see the Bengals win a playoff game, me get a good job, and me play soccer

Who lives in Ohio